Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm NOT Dead

Dear millions of people who read my blog Mom,

I am not dead. I was not electrocuted through my laptop while blogging during one of the North Texas thunderstorms I am convinced will produce a twista (said like Hickory in The Wizard of Oz) in our backyard. I did not suffer a heart attack during the resulting panic attack that ensued, when I realized we do not have an interior closet large enough to hold myself, my husband, the dogs, the cat, and the horses. I did not slip on my greasy kitchen floor and knock myself unconscious while making an oversized batch of snickerdoodles to calm my nerves after the terrifying ordeal.

Nope, I'm still alive. And I promise I have a very funny Part 2 to the equally HILARIOUS post dated December 14. That was weeks ago. Weeks before I tried to prove to the world that one person can single handedly produce a Christmas dinner from scratch in a kitchen the size of a pill box. Ooops. I have a lot of catching up to do.

And I promise, I will delight your minds and entertain your... yeah, minds again, (humor me), this very night, when I post the eagerly anticipated, "From the Date Night Archives: Horseback Picnic, Part Two."

If I don't post tonight, someone please come to my house to check on me. Because any of the above tragedies definitely may have have ensued.


  1. So funny. I have been checking the site every day I have been off worrying about those very things. You are psychic! Look forward to whatever you post whenever you post it.

  2. I did wonder... And hey, I'm reading too. Not just your mom.

  3. Hahahahaha. Dear mom. Love it.



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