Thursday, January 21, 2010

How NOT to Spend Your First Married New Year's Eve

How NOT to Spend New Years Eve

Taking self portraits with your dog.

And drinking champagne with your imaginary husband.

How TO Spend the First Moments of the New Year

Shake your sleeping husband at midnight, force him to kiss you, and make him take a self portrait -- with a flash. Enjoy punishing him.

Drink more champagne.

And then some more.

Untwil you decides to go outshide in your bur feet and take pitchers of the moon.

Become convinced your dog is turning into a werewolf. And discuss with him how dog -> werewolf transformations are less impressive than human -> werewolf ones.

(As you can see, I'm a little behind with downloading my pictures from my camera. I won't even try to do a Christmas review post. That's soo 2009.)

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  1. This is great. :) I really hate New Years and, other than the past few years and the one time my brother and I watched Office Space (twice) before it was cool, they've all been sucky. Your New Years in photos made me happy. But sorry you were drinking champagne alone! I love champagne, but try to only get near it once a year. The bubbles go right to my brain.



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