Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Day that Began a Lifetime

The day has come and gone, but what it signified is now locked in my heart forever and is my blessed everyday existence. Love, commitment, intimacy, oneness before God: marriage! I am Mrs. Erin Haynes and we are THE HAYNES.

Just as everyone warned would happen, the celebration seemed to fly by. The cherished moments seemed to rush too quickly past! I think it's impossible to avoid that feeling -- when you're having the best time of your life, you want everything to last forever. It truly was the most wonderful day I've experienced.

It was an wonderful, indescribable feeling to be surrounded by such love -- our love for each other as newly "crowned" husband and wife, the love from our families, and the love from our friends. We were deeply touched that so many people we care about chose to attend and shower us with support, encouragement, and sincere love. I was deeply humbled when dear friends thanked us for including them. The honor was all ours, and we were so built up and strengthened by everyone.

I know we wish we could have spent more time with each and every person who was there that day. They were too short, but every conversation was a gift and a dear blessing. It's really impossible, there's not enough words, to explain how joyful it was seeing all those faces and speaking with everyone.

I'm working on a play-by-play (with pictures) of the wedding and events leading up to it, as well as a detailed recap of our vacation (no pics of me in a coconut bra, I promise). I realized today that I desperately want to write everything down while it's still fresh on my mind, so that will probably be the focus of the next few posts. I know it's probably endlessly more interesting to us, since it was our special day. So, after the next few posts, I promise there'll be more variety!

Our ultimate goal for this blog is to share our new adventure as husband and wife with our families and friends, as well as to document for ourselves important milestones and everyday moments (there's always a self-serving factor!). We'll share our goings-on and our thoughts, and hope it will be an easy way for everyone to keep up with us, the Haynes, as we make our stand in Weatherford, the Peach Capital of Texas.


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