Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She's baaack...


This is me sitting in a coffee shop in Dallas with my laptop. I am officially BACK and better than ever.

And by "back," I mean back to bloggy world. And by "better than ever," I mean 8 pounds heavier, less one job, plus a new job, and suffering a breakout on my chin related to the use of oil-laden (as opposed to oil-free) sunscreen.

The Friday before Memorial Day was my last day at the magazine Horse & Rider, where I've worked for the past 2 years. Next Monday is the first day of my new job at the magazine Quarter Horse News. This Tuesday through Friday is the first and last week of my current job: taking time to do whatever the HECK I want to!

On today's agenda: venturing away from my newlywed sanctuary, Weatherford, and traveling deep into the Eastern hemisphere,a.k.a, Dallas. My wedding rings needed their 6-month checkup and cleaning (which is more frequent than I clean my ears) at Diamond Doctor in the Dallas Galleria. My girly-gab tank needed filling by a lunch with Tara. And my city-girl soul needed satiating by sushi and a movie with Jessica. And, despite the fun I've had today and the fun planned for the rest of the day, my inner pessimist needs to tell you:

3 Reasons Why I Hate Dallas:
1. I can not park my truck. My truck was not meant for European-luxury-car-sized parking spaces or streets crowded with ding-dongs trying to parallel-park while wearing 5-inch wedges and pencil skirts on their lunch break from behind the counter at Nordstroms. My truck is very angry and wants crush every other car insight.
2. My ideal bee-bopping around town outfit does not consist of pearls, a Ralph Lauren button down, pastel-colored chino shorts, and boat shoes. Therefore, I am an outcast. I also have no Greek letters on the back of my car, on my purse, on my flip flops, or tattooed across my forehead. = double outcast.
3. I only ordered ONE )gasp) medium-sized drink at the coffee shot I have spent 1 1/2 hours at on the computer, ("And you're total is a whopping $3.75," I was informed), and I can't suffer the hateful glares any longer.


  1. Yea! You're back. Glad you are seeing your gal pals. Enjoy your week off. You deserve it!

  2. Ah, I've missed you. Your photo is reason enough, but your reasons for hating Dallas, well. :)

    my word verification is "fumpye."

  3. LOL Fort Worth Rules, Dallas drools! :)



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