Thursday, June 3, 2010

Before and After


Is it just me, or did this bush by our side door look like one of those Komondor dogs?

Ya know, one of these:

Anyways, here's what it looked like after I got to it with some hedgers that Tanner
got me:

So our grass is dying in spots, but the bush looks a lot better! We also trimmed
the tree, but need to get back in there and get rid of all that new growth at the bottom.

Here are some more shaggy bushes. These were in the front:

Don't even get me started on where the Dish people decided to place the satellite:
right smack dab in the front of our yard. I wasn't there that day, needless to say.

Here's how it looked after I got done trimming:

I might have went a little bit overboard. But the goal was to give them a shape,
and then let them grow out to a more natural look.


Remember our wee garden?

Well here it is now:

It's out of control! Those are the cucumber plants that are growing
out of bounds. And that ridiculously tall weed looking thing on the left,
that's dill. I'm thinking I should trim it back, but not sure. We've got more
squash and zucchini than we know that to do with.
(Gosh, Happy, flip your ear over for goodness sake.)


Before, we were just a little country:

Now? We're those neighbors:


  1. Fine lookin pool. Get yourself an innertube and a floating beer cooler and the look will be complete.

  2. Come trim my hedges! Wait--that sounds a little dirty. I am impressed by your yard work! But it might have been neater if you'd made those three bushes shaped like the see, hear, and speak no evil monkeys. Then I REALLY would have been impressed.

  3. Jenni Daniels6/7/10, 3:22 PM

    whoa whoa whoa....wut house is that? I do not remember that house at all? Is that the house Tanner lived in Weatherford during yalls engagement? I do not recall brick at all?????

  4. think you did a great job on the hedges, i enjoy reading about ya'll adventures. mike

  5. Your blog always cracks me up! You have great humor and it always brings a smile to my face. You rock, girl!

  6. Jennifer Daniels8/25/10, 2:47 PM

    ummm, erin you never answered my question about that brick house? Where did it come from? I thought yall were living in the house that Tanner rented before yall got married? Wow, I must've missed something :(



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