Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub

I just had to re-post this Natalie Dee comic, because it reminds me of Tanner so much that it's scary! My hubs is by no way psychotic in his cleanliness (well, most of the time), but he is very big on personal hygiene and has all these fascinating cleaning rituals that are ingrained into his daily routine.

Honestly, it made me a little self-conscious, especially at the beginning of our marriage, as we discovered each others habits and it was revealed that I only wash my hair (and occasionally, gasp, only shower) ever other day; I don't sleep on my pillow case, then flip it, then turn it inside out, then flip it again, and then launder it; and I don't care if my spouse uses my bath towel. But obviously it didn't make me feel that bad about myself, as evidenced by the second-day hair I'm sporting as I type.

If you're the less-clean spouse who enjoys poking fun at your OCD spouse (because it makes you feel less ashamed about your own filth) you'll enjoy this:

"do you want conditioner flowing all over your face like some animal?"


(warning if you plan to click through to see more comics, Nataliedee.com contains some comics with "adult language.")

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  1. Jenni Daniels3/22/10, 1:24 PM

    LQTM!!!! (laugh quietly to myself) this story is too funny and you aren't alone in the "every other day" shower routine....I don't have oily skin or scalp so I hate to take baths every day! Unless I sweat....alot....anyhooter, too funny :)



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