Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bein' Soggy Ain't Too Shabby

Oh, how I've missed my ol' blog. The good news is, life is still a peach. The bad news, I haven't been able to find/make the time to share about it in the recent weeks.

Our little family has been going through some changes. NO, I'm not pregnant. Which was the question my good friend asked when I called her out of the blue to chat. She's been displaced to Georgia where she works with horses. So, I just assumed she'd been kicked upside the head that day.

Anyway, the changes are not baby-related. But still, Tanner and I have had lots of thinking and discussing and those sort of things to do lately, and we'll be experiencing some changes in out little life soon, which I'll be sure to blog about. My mind has been elsewhere, and I've been staying later at work lately (that full-time office job + the 73-mile one-way commute kind of gets in the way some times), so I let my blog go unattended. It has grown some weeds. But, I'm back! Ready to dig in and resume sharing. Because, like I said, I've really missed it!

But, during the last few weeks, our lives have gone on. We've grown, thrived, experienced, laughed, and sometimes, fallen flat on our ass. I meant that last one literally. It was really embarrassing. When my pride heals, I'll revisit that moment. So, while I've been living life away from cyberspace, I've also been wielding my trusty point-and-shoot camera and making notes about things I want to share with my family, friends, and fellow bloggers through my humble little blog. So, I'll be doing some back-blogging. It's my blog, I can be tardy if I want to. I've been tardy to the blog, BUT, I'm never tardy for the party.

This is the proclamation I'm shouting into the Internet stratosphere: I will blog again! I have returned triumphant.

Here's a little something from my day, something small, easy and unimposing to ease myself back into the blog routine (unlike the epic recaps of the last few weeks I have looming in my noggin). I'd like to share something my husband taught me. He taught me this before we were married. When he was still my boooooyyyyfriend.

He taught me that bein' soggy can be good. Very good.

You see, growing up, I would never put syrup on my pancakes. Really, I didn't. I would only top them with butter or powered sugar. One or the other. Syrup, I was convinced, would make them too mushy. Syrup was OK for waffles, because waffles were more sturdy, more crispy. They could hold their own against soggy woggy syrup.

But Tanner, he puts syrup on his flap jaks. Lots of it. AND he puts butter. With the syrup. I was certain I would not like it. "Look how soggy his pancakes are. They practically fall apart. My pancakes are sturdy. I can pick them up and eat them."

Then, I tried it. And it was delicious. And I learned my lesson.

Today I was reminded of that simple, life-changing lesson. Tanner made me pancakes for my 26th birthday breakfast yesterday. And because I'm a new woman, so much older and wiser, I joined him in slathering them with butter and syrup. They were yummy. Today, there was one lone pancake left, so I sprinkled it with powered sugar, just to test things out and make sure I had walked down the right path years ago. It was good. But, not that good. Not as good as my new soggy friends. But don't worry powered sugar, you still have a place in my world. See: funnel cake, donuts, french toast, homemade marshmallows, etc.


  1. I'm glad you're back. And changes are good sometimes. So how about cookies dipped in coffee? Or crackers crumbled into do those work for ya?

  2. I was totally thinking this would be something deep and like a metaphor. I hate pancakes. But I love you blogging. :)



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