Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleepin' Like a Dog

A lot of women (and some men) complain about their spouse's snoring, and how it keeps them up at night. I'm not one of those women. While my new husband DOES talk/shout/mumble in his sleep, smack me in the face when he rolls over and flops his arm down, knee me in the back when he abruptly draws his legs up into the fetal position, and shoot up to the sitting position in the middle of night and scare me senseless, he DOES NOT snore. But... his dog does.

Yeah, Digger really saws some logs. He doesn't have respiratory problems. It's just that, for some reason, he sleeps with his nose smooshed into his doggie bed -- hence, the snore factor. I've always slept with my pooch in my room -- yes, when I was single I often let him sleep with me in my bed (sorry Mom, I pretty much ignored you when you forbid Happy from sleeping in my bed in Katy). I liked him sleeping in there with me. He kept me company in my lonely apartment, and it just seemed like undeserved punishment to make him sleep out in the living room by himself.

But now, well, one of the dogs is keeping me up some nights with his snozzling. Sometimes, when it's really bad, I get up and reposition his face so he's not suffocating himself. (Like, DUH!) And well, two large dogs and their two large beds is more crowded. And if we were to cruelly banish them to the laundry room or office, they'd at least have each other! There's a part of me that wants them out, but another part that can't stomach it. They're so sweet, and all they want in life is to be near us.

What do y'all do with your dogs when it's time for beddie-bye? Where do they sleep? Will they hate me if I kick them out?


  1. Mindy Sellers10/28/09, 5:07 PM

    Well...this probably doesn't come as a big shocker to you, but yep... all three of our dogs sleep in our bedroom with us. I wouldn't want it any other way. I think it's comforting for myself and the dogs to have them in the same room. I'm pretty sure Tye would agree! (pretty sure) :)

  2. Well, Maggie sleeps in our room in her doggie bed, but doesn't snore. She does, however, want to play in the middle of the night at times. Maybe try a pillow under his head to keep his nose from smooshing up against the side of the doggie bed?

    But really, I doubt it'll be a big deal if you kick them out. They're dogs. They can be treated like dogs. They won't know the difference after a while.

  3. You know my answer...Rocky sleeps in my bedroom. And he as well snores at times and it is all in how his head is placed on his bed....I too will adjust his head from time to time to help clear his nasal passage so he wont snore! It is up to you I am sure they wont be mad...but I like my dog sleeping by my side whether it be on the floor or cuddled up next to me in bed!! :)

  4. I have had the pleasure of hearing Digger snore when he has been at our house. Guess it is cute to me because when I go to bed he goes with Tanner. I used to have a precious poodle named Sweet Pea that slept in the bed with me under the covers. Mike always insisted she stay on my side. I loved that soft fluffly dog and miss her terribly. Enjoy them while you can. But NO, the outside dogs can not come in so don't give Mike any ideas!!!
    Mom Haynes

  5. Glad to know that there's so many other dog lovers. I think we'll leave them in there for now, as long as I can continue getting a good night's sleep. I've thought about making them some dog bed covers that match out bed spread, so that their dog beds don't look so grungy in there!

  6. M-dog sleeps in my bed. Waits for us to fall asleep and then nestles up in the middle. It can be obnoxious, but the times that it is cute wins out!




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