Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving On? Never!

I've come to find from my own experience and from talking with other newlywed friends that while weeks after your wedding you still think of it as the highlight of the year, the latest greatest thing to happen, the coolest and most exciting thing to talk about, everyone else has MOVED ON.

It's not that your friends weren't touched by the ceremony, you in your dress, and you and your spouses love; didn't have the time of their life at the reception and enjoy celebrating your new marriage till the wee hours of the night; or aren't still incredibly happy and excited for you. They they were, they did, and they are! It's just, life goes on!

Don't get me wrong, I think this is the way it should be. You're wedding was important to everyone there and all those around you who love you, BUT it was exponentially more important and exciting to you. Duh, it was your wedding! There will never be a wedding more magical than your own. I don't care if I were to be invited to Paris Hilton's multimillion $ wedding, I'd still think mine was cooler!

So, am I sad, mad, or otherwise disappointed that there's something new to talk about around the proverbial water cooler? Nope. Perfectly fine with it. Will I move on anytime soon? Nope, sure won't. Self-centered, yep, sorry, just how it is! Don't worry, I won't be blabbering incessantly about my own wedding for years to come, but in the comfort of my new home with my new husband, I will be fondly flipping through pictures, periodically revisiting my journal entries, and always thinking, "Man, that went by too fast. It was the best night of my life. I wish I could do it again!" (Well, and I'll probably reflect periodically on it on my blog, so you might just have to give me that every once and a while.)

For those of you who want to take a couple minutes to join me in a momentary glance back, I've received the video from our photographers of my bridal portraits! It was the first time to put my dress, veil, shoes, jewelry, etc on all together. It was such a fun, special day, and Austin Imagery did an amazing job with the pictures and videos.

View it larger here.


  1. I an still re-living the day as well, and basking in comments from friends and family that it was a good time and everyone could sense the love there. You can't ask for more than that. I'll always be happy to look through the pictures with you any time you get the urge.

  2. nearly 2 years since we were married, i just finished filling out our wedding memory book complete with photos and all... I knew that if i didnt do it now, after the baby comes it would never get done.
    It was so fun to look back at everything and remember what all happened and who was there. it's one of the best memories of our life so far. My advice, if you have one of those books, fill it out now, there were little things i did forget.. like what we ate for dinner??

  3. Love the bridal portraits. You were quite a beautiful bride!

  4. GORGEOUS!!! And you haven't been married long enough to not re-live it yet. You're allowed to bask in the glow in your beautiful wedding! Bask away!! :)



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