Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet Dreams and Beauty Cream

Recently, Tanner has made several comments about my nighttime routine. They go something like this: “What the HECK are you DOING in there?”

The first few times, I answered him literally.
“Well, I’m currently staring at myself in the mirror and sucking in and flexing my “abs” and rearranging my belly and hip pudge so I can get an idea of what I could potentially look like if I stopped eating a pecan praline, four Girl Scout cookies and one square of dark chocolate a day.”

Then I realized he was trying to make a point. I hate it when they do that.

The point being, what could anyone possibly be doing in the bathroom that would take 15-plus minutes?

Eek. Don’t answer that.

What non-toilet-related things could anyone possibly do doing every night that would take that long?

So I got to wondering if my nighttime routine is excessive, or if it is only excessive compared to Tanner’s:

-Take off clothes. (optional)
-Put on shorts. (no comment)
-Turn off lights and pull back sheets. (optional)
-Collapse on bed. (mandatory)

Mine goes something like this:

-Brush teeth (BORING, and does anyone else have such trouble keeping the toothpaste foam from coming out all over their lips?)
-Wash face
-Cringe while removing a cotton pad from the bag – egads! I hate cotton balls and cotton pads and Q-tips – then apply toner
-Apply wrinkle cream to forehead, neck and chest
-Apply eye cream
-Stare into the endless, black abyss of my pores
-Do the blubber rearranging thing

If I remember:
-Put cellulite cream onto unnamed areas. And no, I do not do this while eating a praline.
I wait until I’m done.
-Floss (BORING)
-Use mouthwash (BURNS and BORING)
-Take vitamins and probiotics

-Put on PJs
-Check every door in house 3 times to make sure it’s really locked and click the remote lock on truck keys until the truck horn can be heard CLEARLY three times
-Put the dogs to bed and give Happy pills if he needs them. Lay on Happy’s bed with him and speak unspeakable, sappy, ridiculous, humiliatingly corny baby talk to him.
-Get in bed.
-Put lotion on legs.
-Put lotion on feet.
-Put on chapstick.
-Put in mouth guard and, if the fan is on, my satin eye cover, beauty sleep thing (because I swear I sleep with my eyes half open and the fan dries them out).
-Snuggle into bed.
-Realize I have to go to the bathroom.

That pretty much sums it up.


P.S. Sweet Dreams and Butt Cream was my original post title.


  1. I do the teeth routine, and I started the face and neck routine, and I ALWAYS do the last step. Could it be hereditary?

  2. I am the SAME way! I have to yell at Andrew almost the whole time I am getting ready for bed... "DONT FALL ASLEEP YET, IM ALMOST DONE! I PROMISE!"

    ....the things we have to do for beauty.

  3. lmbo! You know me, I'm lower maintanance than that but I am higher maintanance than Tanner lol. I hate pulling the cotton pads or balls apart too! I whisper sweet snuggly grunting noises into Ace's ear and she grunts back lol. Then I give her and Munson a C.E.T. rawhide because I get sad that they can't be inside dogs (too wild & cat killer). I only do the blubber rearranging thing a few times a week lol, not nightly. I haven't taken up the lotion on the legs and feet habit yet......

    Too funny but true the steps we have to take and they don't for lasting beauty. hmph. :0

  4. Personally, "Sweet dreams and butt cream" sounded nice to me. ;)



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