Friday, April 9, 2010

What's Growin' On

Here's a few little things that have been growing at our place lately:

Dahlia Starsister
I got this at Lowe's, and I have not killed it yet. I've got 5 blooms going so far, and
4-5 more buds. I hope it attracts some hummingbirds. Note, in looking up care
for this flower on the Web, I read something ridiculous on some state Extension
site about preparing the soil by putting it in the oven or a pressure cooker...does
anyone really do that kind of thing???

"Rhythm and Blues" Petunia
Another bright flower to attract hummingbirds. This, I got at Home Depot. I'm
trying to spread the wealth. Actually, I'm much rather buy local ("Shop Weatherford
First" is a new motto I've seen around town), but haven't had a chance yet to scope
out the local nurseries. This is in a hanging planter on the front porch.

Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley
This little guy doesn't have much room to grow. But if he takes off (AKA, if I don't
kill him) I'll transplant him to the garden. Wait, "what garden?" you say. (Please,
just play along. I'm fragile. Feign interest. Please.) Well, inquiring minds, this garden...

Southern view.

Western view.
(Honestly I'm amazed that I can determine the directions without a compass.
Well, really I don't even know how to use a compass. I just know that our satellite
points west. Cuz even that "sun rises in the east, sets in the west" thing usually
doesn't work for me, cuz I get them switch-swapped.)

Tanner and his dad tilled and fenced this area of our horse pasture over Easter weekend for our new garden. It was chocked full of delicious horse poopy. Apparently plants like that kind of thing. We've also got some lovely years-old decayed hay mixed with poopy that we will be adding to this before we plant this weekend. Man, makes you want to eat some veggies doesn't it! Doesn't it? Bring on the poopy! I mean vegetables!

On the agenda this weekend is heading over to our local feed and seed store, Dillards, in downtown Weatherford. I'm hoping we can also incorporate a lunch at the Weatherford Downtown Cafe, which I've been wanting to check out. All of these well-laid plans might be slightly impeded by this:

Tanner's sprained and swollen ankle.

Tanner's explanation for this injury, and his two previous serious ankle sprains: "I have skinny ankles, and I'm always doing something stupid."

I appreciated his sister's response, "Well, it's hard to argue with that!"


  1. I like poop! Also, am proud of you for not killing so many things! I'm starting a patio garden and I measure success in not killing things. I had something really important to add, but then I forgot it. Boo! Oh! Now I remember! Do they sell chicks at the feed and seed? I remember going with my dad when I was little and I got to pet chicks. I want one.

  2. My friend Amanda just started a balcony garden at her apartment. I was amazed at all the things you can grow in pots. There were no chicks this time at the feed store, but I've seen them other times. I want some too. I cute furry things that turn into large egg-producing things. I love eggs.

  3. The only way I remember which direction the sun rises is the line from the song "Beauty & the Beast" in the Disney movie--"Certain as the sun, rising in the east..."



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